Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Name-the-clinic brainstorming session

In order to begin the legal process leading to the formation of the new clinic, it has to have a name. To get an official name, three names can be submitted to the California office of the Secretary of State, in the order of preference, and a search will be done. If any of the names are free for use, that will be the official name of the clinic. Once the name is chosen and the "Articles of Incorporation" are filed, then that name is written in stone. Changing the name will not really be an option anymore, so right now before anything else really happens the name has to be chosen.

When we are choosing a name, several things have to be taken into consideration. Has the name been trademarked by someone else? Is the name already in use by some for profit or non profit organization in California? And, of course the more local decisions of whether the name fits the goals of the organization. Does it describe the purpose enough so that people can remember it. Is the name memorable enough so that it can be found in the phone book?

There are a couple of other considerations. First, some initially appealing names might just be too airy fairy. The clinic conception itself is far enough outside of the box that my personal inclination is to have a pretty mainstream name.

So lets get started. Here are a few names that have been suggested. And oh, my first choice was some variation of "The Healing Point: A South County Community Clinic...". Well, that is just not available. It is a basically a trademarked name of a manufacturing company in Southern California. I don't know whether the words after 'the healing point' would put it back in the running, but I doubt it. I'm attached enough at the moment to want to try.

i have eliminated a few more names by googling them and seeing if that led to any California organizations and businesses. Although it would make some sense to use the name Cotati in the name, there is no guarantee that the Clinic will be able to locate or necessarily stay right there. Hence the more general location ideas.

A. The Living Tree: A South County Community Based Wellness Clinic
B. The Tree of Life South County Community Wellness Clinic (The Tree of Lifei s the name of a health food store in Berkeley)
C. South County Miracles: A Community Clinic
D. South County Tree of Life: A Community Based Wellness Clinic
E.The Healing Point: A South County Community Clinic and Wellness Center
F. South County Milagros: A Community Clinic and Wellness Center
G. Any other ideas????????

Please let me know what you think by the end of the week. You can email me at: acuiva@sonic.net.


At May 28, 2008 at 12:25 AM , Blogger Colin Godwin said...

Iva, why not keep it simple:

Cotati Community Clinic

and list modalities under and what is offered -

Hugs, Colin


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